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Scirocco Plus Downdraft Range Hood

Scirocco Plus Downdraft Range Hood

Rising a full 14” above the cooktop, the Scirocco Plus vents horizontally across the cooking surface and down through the exhaust vent. At the press of a button, the stainless steel Scirocco Plus retracts back down into the counter.

  • 14” tall downdraft vent system pops up and down with push of button
  • flush with cooktop in down position
  • safety microswitches
  • multiple venting options
  • stainless steel trim with no logo
  • reversible motor box
  • sone range: 3.5 – 6.5
  • 600 cfm–Internal blower
  • 900/1200 cfm–Remote blower
  • Variable speed slider
  • No lights
  • Aluminum mesh grease filters
  • 6” ducting-Internal
  • 10” round ducting–Remote
Size  Color  Model
 30″  Stainless  SCIR3014SS
 36″  Stainless  SCIR3614SS
 600 CFM  Internal Blower  IBDD600
 900 CFM  Remote Blower  RBORIG900
 1200 CFM  Remote Blower  RBORIG1200